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3/19(土)にby Rのイベントとしてデザイナーの古田泰子が手掛けるTOGAのショーが行われた。5年ぶりとなった東京のショーでは、2月にロンドンファッションウィークで公開されたコレクションを、東京版にアレンジして発表。ジェンダー、年齢、肌の色も様々な19人のモデルたちがウィメンズルックを着こなし、あらゆる垣根を超越して見せた。今回のコレクションは“HOOPS, BOUNCING, SWINGING”がキーワード。典型的なビジネススーツにストレッチ素材を合わせ、ボーンを組み込むことで、歩くたびに弾み、揺れるのがポイントだ。フィナーレではモデルたちが会場中央を自由自在にウォーキング。多様な人々が集まるスクランブル交差点のような演出で、東京らしさを感じさせた。

TOGA (designer Yasuko Furuta) held a runway show as part of the “by R” project on Saturday, March 19, 2022. The first Tokyo show in five years, it featured a variation of the same collection presented at London Fashion Week in February. Nineteen models of various genders, ages, and skin colors wore women's looks that transcended all boundaries. Based on the keywords “hoops, bouncing, swinging”, the collection combined the traditional business suit with stretch fabric and incorporated boning, so that the pieces bounced and swayed when set in motion. For the finale, all models walked freely in the center of the venue. The event was staged to remind one of a scramble crossing which brings together diverse people, giving the show a distinct Tokyo feel.


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Staff Credit

Photography: Ko Tsuchiya

Text: Mami Osugi

Edit: Yukari Oe〈Creator Collectives〉

Staff Credit

Photography: Ko Tsuchiya

Text: Mami Osugi

Edit: Yukari Oe〈Creator Collectives〉

Translation: Liliya Molchanova, Tia Ell


1997 年スタート。デザイナーは古田泰子。2004年にTOGA PULLA、2011 年にメンズライン TOGA VIRILIS を立ち上げる。2014年 秋冬より発表を続けるロンドンでのTOGAコレクションのSS22では、アーティスト Gordon Matta-Clarkとのカプセルコレクションをシーズンフィルムにて発表。

TOGA was founded in 1997 by designer Yasuko Furuta. Furuta also launched TOGA PULLA in 2004 and the men’s line TOGA VIRILIS in 2011. TOGA collections have been showcased in London since Autumn-Winter 2014. The Spring-Summer 2022 capsule collection produced in collaboration produced in collaboration with artist Gordon Matta-Clark, was presented as a seasonal film.


古田 泰子

Yasuko Furuta


A graduate of Esmod Paris, Yasuko Furuta set up her brand in 1997 and has been presenting her collections in the form of exhibitionssince the Spring-Summer 1999 season. Furuta has won a number of grand prizes in fashion: one at ANDAM (the French National Association for the Development of the Fashion Arts) in 2007 and two at the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix awards, in the years 2009 and 2018.

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