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国内外に多くのファンを持つ「Marimekko」が by R の支援により
「Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024 A/W」に初めて参加します。
今年、ブランドの代名詞でもある Unikko(ウニッコ)柄が誕生 60周年を迎え、
by R 参加を記念した限定商品の販売や Runway Show のライブ配信等も予定!
With the support of the “by R” initiative, globally renowned brand Marimekko will participate at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024 A/W for the first time this year. This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the Unikko print, a design synonymous with the Marimekko brand. During the 2024 A/W season this March, the brand will release exclusive items celebrating participation in the "by R" project, and will hold special Runway Show to be streamed live

by R

「by R」プロジェクトは、日本と世界をつなぐ、また多くの人々にとってファッションを楽しむきっかけとなるブランドを楽天が独自に選出し、

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYOのタイトルスポンサーとして、才能あるブランドのショウの支援をはじめ、
The "by R" project is an initiative to empower the Japanese fashion scene by placing the spotlight on select, unique brands loved by a broad range of fans both in Japan and globally.

As the title sponsor of Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO, we will support the Runway Shows of talented brands and expand their opportunities to take on new challenges for further success in Japan and abroad with Rakuten Group's diverse assets.


選出ブランドをご紹介 Introduction of SELECTED BRAND

マリメッコは、1951 年創業のフィンランドのデザインハウス。独創的なプリントや色使いによって世界中に広く知られる。
Marimekko is a Finnish lifestyle design house founded in 1951, renowned for its art of printmaking. Marimekko’s mission is to bring joy to the everyday lives of people through bold prints and colors. The design philosophy of Marimekko is based on creating timeless design that will stand the test of time both in terms of its aesthetic and longevity. Over the years, print designers and artists alike have created over 3,500 prints for Marimekko with new ones designed each season. These unique designs celebrate the perfect imperfections of the human imprint and are featured in Marimekko’s high-quality clothing, bags and accessories as well as home décor items ranging from textiles to tableware.


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「Marimekko」が「by R」へ参加することを記念し、Unikko柄誕生60周年を迎える今年、日本の桜の季節にちなんだピンクとゴールドの特別なUnikko柄をあしらったホームアイテムをお届けします。その他、ギフトにもぴったりなBoxセットやUnikko 60th anniversary柄のTシャツ・フーディ・トートなど、全12型を「Rakuten Fashion」にて先行販売します。なお、ピンクベージュのUnikko柄をあしらったトートなど素敵なノベルティも用意しておりますので、ぜひ特別なアイテムと共に春の訪れをお楽しみください。

  • ※「Rakuten Fashion」先行販売開始日: 2024年3月1日(金)10:00
  • ※生産数に達し次第、販売終了となります。
  • ※一部予約販売となります。発送予定時期は商品ページにて確認することが可能です。
  • ※Unikko柄60周年に際し「Marimekko」の「by R」参加を記念して、同ブランド商品を19,800円以上(税込)購入したユーザーにはオリジナルトートバッグを、同ブランド商品を購入したすべてのユーザーにはステッカーを、Boxセットを購入した方にはUnikko 60周年記念ポストカードをノベルティとして数量限定でプレゼントします。
  • ※各商品は「Marimekko」(マリメッコ)公式オンラインストアでも展開予定です。

To commemorate "Marimekko" participating in "by R" and celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Unikko pattern, we will offer home items featuring a special Unikko pattern in pink and gold associated with Japan's cherry blossom season. In addition, a total of 12 items will be available for pre-sale at "Rakuten Fashion", including box sets perfect for gift-giving, and Unikko 60th anniversary patterned T-shirts, hoodies, and totes. We also have wonderful novelty items such as totes with a pink-beige Unikko pattern, so please enjoy the arrival of spring with these special items.

  • *"Rakuten Fashion" pre-sale start date: March 1, 2024 (Fri.) 10:00
  • *Sales will end when the production quantity is reached.
  • *Some items are available for pre-order. The expected shipping date can be confirmed on the product page.
  • *In commemoration of Marimekko's participation in "by R" on the 60th anniversary of the Unikko pattern, users who purchase the brand's products for 19,800 yen or more (including tax) will receive an original tote bag, all users who purchase the brand's products will receive a sticker, and those who purchase a boxed set will receive a Unikko 60th anniversary postcard as novelties in limited quantity.
  • *Products will also be available on the official Marimekko online store.


レベッカ・ベイ(Rebekka Bay)は、2020 年 9 月、マリメッコのクリエイティブディレクターに着任。デンマーク出身。これまでに、グローバルアパレル企業でのクリエイティブディレクターやデザイン/プロダクト責任者を歴任する。ファッション業界でキャリアを始める以前は、トレンド予測、ブランディングに携わる業務も経験してきた Rebekka Bay was appointed Marimekko’s Creative Director in September 2020. In her role, she leads Marimekko’s design team and is responsible for the company’s design strategy for fashion, bags and accessories as well as home products. Previously, she has held positions as Creative Director and Head of Design/Product at global apparel companies. Prior to beginning her career in the fashion industry, she has also worked in trend forecasting and branding.




「Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO」 は毎年年2回開催しているファッションの祭典であり、世界のファッション・ウィークの中でもパリ、ミラノ、ロンドン、ニューヨークそして東京の5大都市で行われるものは「5大ファッション・ウィーク」と総称され、大きな影響力を持っています。
Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO is a fashion festival held twice a year. Out of the world’s fashion weeks, those held in Paris, Milan, London, New York, and Tokyo are regarded as the most prominent and are referred to as the "Big Five." The trends for next season are born from the latest collections unveiled at fashion shows and exhibitions. This season will again see Japan's latest creations showcased to the world at Shibuya Hikarie and Omotesando Hills, as well as other locations in Tokyo.




Here, we’re bringing you snaps of the fashionistas gathered at the venues during fashion week.
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エムエーエスユーは丁寧語の「ます」が由来で、使い慣らされた言語表現さえも再評価し、字面の通り、丁寧な態度を貫くブランドであり続ける意志がその名に込められています。少年期から彼を魅了し続けているヴィンテージウェアの、思想や哲学、時代背景、心躍るアイデアはコレクションに多大な影響を与 えている要素になっています。歴史の蓄積が作り出した衣服の型や素材がもつ 記号に誠実に向き合い、時代を超えて愛される「誰かにとってのヴィンテージ になり得る服づくり」を標榜しています。 M A S U is derived from the Japanese "~masu," which is a verb ending used in polite expressions. In the same way that "~masu" is used frequently in daily life but never loses its value, M A S U aims to be a brand that maintains a good polite attitude over time, just as it is written. The thoughts, philosophies, historical backgrounds, and exciting ideas of vintage clothing that have fascinated Shinpei since his boyhood are elements that have greatly influenced his collections. Advocating "making clothes that can be a vintage for someone, loved throughout generations.”, he designs his collections sincerely respecting the styles of clothing created by the history and the stories and symbols stemmed from the materials.


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第6回 「FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO」受賞者に選出された後藤愼平氏がデザイナーを務めるブランド「M A S U」が、3月7日Rakuten Fashionに初展開します。
Shopオープンを記念して、同日より限定商品を発売します。今年2月にParis Fashion Weekにて2024-25年秋冬コレクションを発表し、国内外から注目を集める「M A S U」の特別な商品を是非お楽しみください。

初展開にあたり、ブランドを象徴する8アイテムをRakuten Fashion限定商品としてご用意しました。
Tシャツとスウェットシャツはヴィンテージのベートーベンスウェットからインスピレーションを受けたものを今シーズンのテーマである「because I believe in myself」に合わせて落とし込みました。

M A S U, a brand established by designer Shinpei Goto, winner of the 6th FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO, is opening a shop on Rakuten Fashion on March 7th.
To celebrate the shop opening, limited edition items are going on sale from the same day. M A S U unveiled its 2024-25AW collection during Paris Fashion Week in February this year, and the brand has been attracting a lot of attention, both in Japan and worldwide. We hope you will enjoy these special items!

Designer comment
To celebrate the opening of the new shop, eight items that symbolize the M A S U brand will be available only at Rakuten Fashion.
T-shirts and sweatshirts inspired by vintage Beethoven sweatshirts have been designed to match this season's theme of “because I believe in myself.”
For bags, we propose the mini bags that gained popularity this season, using vintage denim.
Each item has elements of vintage, but pursues a higher quality.


2014年に同学を卒業後、同社に入社し、店頭に並ぶヴィンテージウェアの修繕に加え、インハウスレーベルの企画・生産管理として立ち上げから 6シーズン携わる。
2018年秋冬、《M A S U》のリブランディングを機にデザイナーに就任。
Born in 1992. While studying the tailoring at Bunka Fashion College Men’s design course, he began working for a vintage store, LAILA, which has an international reputation for having huge archives of hard-to-find designer vintage collections. He continued working with them as a design and production manager for LAILA’s in house brand after graduating the college for six seasons. He was appointed as the designer for M A S U from the season FW2018.


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